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>> Dear readers,
>> My mother is stricken with a ringing in her ears. The spelling of her 
>> condition sounds like "tonitis", but this must be inaccurate; would 
>> anyone correct me please in the proper spelling. Thank you in advance-
>>    Chris   
>> Dear Chris
>the word you are looking for is Tinnitus which means psycoacoustically
>produced sounds of the ear which cannot be measured outside the ear canal.


Be careful there... Tinnitus can be classified into two main groups:

1. Subjective tinnitus: that being a perceived sound which cannot be
detected in the ear canal.  Most common, especially in persons with
sensorineural hearing loss.

2. Objective tinnitus: a perceived sound that CAN be detected in the
ear canal.  Includes bruits and myoclonus... 


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