hearing aid funding

Sandra and Dan Hobson danhobson at netins.net
Tue Aug 27 22:46:18 EST 1996

I. Medicaid Title XIX  (dependent on family qualifying)
2. Hear Now ($30 application fee and your services volunteered)
3. Starkey Fund and other manufacturers...(your services as volunteer)
4  Lion's or Sertoma may have a Hearing Aid Bank in your State.
5. Job's Daughters also help through their fundraising.
6. Often fraternal organizations will help a family in need for a special
7. Your State may have an Assistive Technology Loan fund established where
a disabled person or family may apply for a low interest loan for a piece
of AT.
8. Sometimes a sponsor can be found via the family's Church.
9. Some local organizations may have specific guidelines for particular
disabilities they will help with, and /or types of AT they will assist
towards, and/or age limits.
10. Vocational Rehabilitation will assist when the child approaches
employment age.

Hope this helps !!! sh

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