Auditory Discrimination & Rentention

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Sun Dec 8 17:11:23 EST 1996

Mrs A J Hardwick <jhardwick at> wrote:

>Unless your child has a hearing impairment rather than a learning
>difficulty, these difficulties are typical of dyslexic people. Try
>"dyslexia" on the internet or in your library. There is so much written
>about it now. One of my most useful books as a teacher is by Bryant and
>Bradley called Children's Reading Difficulties. It describes recent research
>and has 2 good chapters on multi-sensory teaching methods using plastic
>letters which might help your child. (Depends on the type and severity of
>the dyslexia.) Good luck!

The Riggs Institute's web site <> has a lot of
information on multi-sensory teaching, too.  Highly recommended.

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