Need advice on new aids

Joseph Danto danto at
Thu Feb 1 16:21:22 EST 1996

I recall trying to unbundle several years ago.  Patients would not balk 
at spending 500 for a hearing aid but when they were told 325 was the 
cost of the aid, 25 for the mold and 150  for dispensing fee they 
exploded that i should lnot bother explaining the use of the aid nor 
monitor its use nor ship it back for repair(s) nor come back for a 
follow-up  visit in 2 weeks.  They thought I was "ripping them off" 
complained to the referral sources and I had a terrible PR job to undo 
the ill will generated.  Could not understand there was a cost for 
professional time..."car salesman explain about cars and don't charge for 
their time"  was a common remark.  This happened both in a private  
practice setting and hospital setting .

PS yes I explained professional time/expertise etc but it just wasn't 
worth the agida.

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