Pay & Benefits Audiology

David G. Delage dgdelage at
Fri Feb 2 08:28:30 EST 1996

I just want to clear something up here.

Jeffrey G. Sirianni wrote:
> will be pretty old.  Why is it that new-graduates from say engineering get
> $30k+ to start and can live comfortably right off the bat.  Do they provide
> the type of humanic service that we do?  This may sound bitter, but I entered
> this profession to help people, but to receive a fair salary in doing so.

This graduate from engineering (and science--the department was in the process 
of switching when I graduated) did not start out making $30k+.  Granted, I 
didn't start out making $18k, either.  My situation is pretty typical of the 
grads today.  There are a lot of people out there with tons of experience who 
are willing to work for almost nothing just so they can feed their families.

And don't think that I am not helping people in my profession.  I am working on 
products that make Audiologists' and Hearing Aid Dispensers' jobs easier, and 
to help these people serve others better.


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