Response to Aurical Inquiry

Terry Ross 103323.1100 at COMPUSERVE.COM
Tue Jan 2 16:00:22 EST 1996

In response to Mr. Dave Delage who wrote to criticize Madsen's Aurical product

It is a well understood tenet of INternet etiquette that companies should not
use this
forum to advertise their products.  It is equally inappropriate for companies to
criticize their competitor's products via the Internet.  We represent companies
that developed Aurical and NOAH and we respectfully suggest that the subscribers
of this newsgroup, Mr. Delage included, refrain from such criticizm.  

Furthermore, since Mr. Delage, the director of engineering at Qualitone, has
never used or even "seen Aurical in person." he is in a poor position to offer
any oinion about its capability or performance.

Mr. Delage's comments are not only inappropriate but incorrect:  Aurical
certainly more than "a platform to rest the computer on" and its performance is
not degraded either by its physical connection to the computer or by its
integration with NOAH.  We invite any industry professionals who would like more
information to contact our companies directly, and we welcome constructive
public discussion (in this forum and others) by persons who are both
knowledgeable and unbiased.

Peter Ketchum, HIMSA
Martie Ormsby, Madsen Electronics 

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