Response to Aurical Inquiry

Robert Pluta rpluta at THOUGHTPORT.COM
Wed Jan 3 06:40:31 EST 1996

At 1:00 PM 1/2/96, Terry Ross wrote:

>In response to Mr. Dave Delage who wrote to criticize Madsen's Aurical product
>It is a well understood tenet of INternet etiquette that companies should not
>use this
>forum to advertise their products.  It is equally inappropriate for
>companies to
>criticize their competitor's products via the Internet.  We represent companies
>that developed Aurical and NOAH and we respectfully suggest that the
>of this newsgroup, Mr. Delage included, refrain from such criticizm.

And we, the subscribers of this newsgroup who are not company
representatives respectfully suggest that if you wish to censor the
discussion and free exchange of ideas that you set up your own mailing
list/newsgroup/WWWpage, moderate it yourself, and control what gets out to
the internet public. Until you do, you have *no* right to speak to the
clinicians and readers of this newsgroup in such a manner!!!!

This sort of censorship might be de riguer (sic) on the CI$ but it has no
place out in the greater internet community.

If Mr. Delage is indeed a company rep then he is now aware of a conflict of
interest by his participation in this group when he speaks as a company
rep. The rest of us on this newsgroup will be free to continue our
discussions of issues germane to the audiological community without undue
influence by corporate concerns.


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