Response to Aurical Inquiry

David G. Delage dgdelage at
Wed Jan 3 16:58:35 EST 1996

My apologies to all of the people who use this group as it is

I am responding to the article by Peter Ketchum and Martie Ormsby to
correct the most blatantly inaccurate statements.

QUALITONE.  Yes, my name is Dave Delage.  I am the son of Dave Delage,
Director of Engineering at Qualitone.  I am not a Junior, as we have
different middle names.  Sure this causes some confusion, and that is
the reason for this post.  I shouldn't have to write this but:  In no
way do my views reflect my father's or Qualitone's views.

I do not mind people quoting me, as long as the quotation is in
context.  In the instance I am referring to, my original post said:
> I haven't actually seen Aurical in person (or whatever), but I know it
> is NOT a docking station, just a platform to rest the computer on.
However, in the Response to Aurical Inquiry, this got shortened to
> Mr. Delage's comments are not only inappropriate but incorrect:  Aurical
> certainly more than "a platform to rest the computer on" and its performance is
. . . 
This is highly unprofessional.  Perhaps I should not have used the
words "just a platform. . ." but the statement is accurate in the
context of the sentence.

And then there is the last statement in the article:
> information to contact our companies directly, and we welcome constructive
> public discussion (in this forum and others) by persons who are both
> knowledgeable and unbiased.
The great thing about the Internet is that it is available to ALL
people, even those who are not knowledgeable or are biased.  Further,
the authors of that post are not the controllers of this group.
Therefore, they have no basis to make this statement.

I have a more detailed response to their article, which I will mail
direclty to Peter Ketchum and Marty Ormsby.  Anyone who wants a copy
can e-mail me a dgdelage at

Thank you for your patience.


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