Response to Aurical Inquiry

Michael W. Ridenhour gandalf at
Thu Jan 11 17:49:15 EST 1996

"David G. Delage" <dgdelage at> wrote:
> In retrospect, I can see why you might have wanted the responses sent 
> directly to your e-mail.  However, this is a public newsgroup, and, 
> although you were the only person to post the question, it does not mean 
> that you were the only person who wanted the answer.
> I believe that all answers to topical questions posted in this newsgroup 
> should be answered by posting to this newsgroup.  (obviously if someone 
> posts advertising free sex again, it should be ignored)  It may be 
> prudent at times to post a general answer and e-mail a more specific 
> answer directly to the poster.  As we've seen in the past, doing this 
> may stir up a bit of controversy, but controversy is a small price to 
> pay for education.
> That's my two cents.
> -Dave

Just don't create controversy using an anonymous remailer, like that 
gal/guy Cool, who was way funny and got torn down by Sirianni, so that
he/she hasn't come back.Some people have no sense of humor. Freedom of
speech doesn't include the politically incorrect,apparently.

Michael Ridenhour

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