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Jeffrey G. Sirianni sirianni at UTS.CC.UTEXAS.EDU
Thu Jan 11 22:29:49 EST 1996

>>I agree with all of those participants who believe that the newsgroup 
>>cannot and should not be used for commercial purposes.

>Jeff, there is a very thin line between "commercial" and what some of us
>do. In the past I have learned much from the manufacturers and I believe
>their input is very important, whether it be from Martie, Peter or >others.
I want to know what Danavox and HIMSA are doing. I have just >gone back and
reviewed what was said in Dave's original post and I can't >figure out what
offended them.

That is what the newsgroup is all about... learning from others, including
manufacturers.  But to discredit another's product is not acceptable. I
highly encourage commercially-affiliated individuals to provide information
on their products AS LONG AS it does not come off as an advertising ploy...
That is all I am saying...

For info on how this got started, check out the archive on the Marshall
University HP

>But, there are also some bad things that I want to know about the NOAH 
>system. Are we going to be allowed to say these things out loud on this 

By all means YES, but I don't think that we can afford commercially-biased
input.  It is like talking about one's own family.  Of course we have
nothing bad to say... Let criticism come from within or from a non-biased
source... Does this make sense ??

>Also, my son is on this forum and he and I don't always agree! Am I >going
to be blamed for his views?

Of course not...

>Hopefully, most of us are old enough and mature enough to recognize what
>is happening when someone "boasts about their products or disclaim >(their)

Please let this be the case !  Due to our bylaws, we need to keep such
immature activity from getting us in trouble with the BIOSCI folks.

>I'd "recommend" this too for their own benefit, but if they want to "bad 
>>mouth" their competition, please let them. I believe this is important
>for all of us to know.

I guess I don't agree, at least in this type of forum... save that for
one-on-one encounters...

>You also wrote:
>>1. Please provide participants with factual and technical information
>>that is requested.
>>2. Please refrain from any rhetoric that "promotes one's product" <snip>

>>Is this an oxymoron?

Huh ??

>>I haven't actually seen Aurical in person (or whatever), but I know it
>>is NOT a docking station, just a platform to rest the computer on.  It
>>is controlled by the RS-232 (COM) port of the computer, which, in
>>general, translates to s-l-o-w.  In addition, it has the additional
>>speed overhead required for saving its data in Noah.

"just a platform to rest the computer on" sounded pretty offensive to folks
who worked on this project... that is how this all got started.

>Note: I regard this post as providing very important information about >our
decision to use NOAH!

But it came from someone with a vested interest in another product... I'm
sorry but this is a biased comment based on commercial interest.

>Right now we are on course to use NOAH, but it is one 
>big investment for us to make and I do appreciate all the help and input 
>many persons on this list have given!

I would hope that anyone with good information provide it, but let criticism
come from non-commerically affliliated persons.  A person with commercial
interest can provide information as to why they think their product is
special, but not at the expense of other products.  This of course requires
analysis by the readers, but that is the price we pay as a newsgroup that
must refrain from advertising (direct or indirect).

Thanks for your encouraging comments.

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