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David G. Delage dgdelage at
Fri Jan 12 14:21:08 EST 1996

I really hate having to repeat myself, but it seems I have to.  DO NOT
QUOTE ME OUT OF CONTEXT!  The example follows:

>>>I haven't actually seen Aurical in person (or whatever), but I know it
>>>is NOT a docking station, just a platform to rest the computer on.  It
>>>is controlled by the RS-232 (COM) port of the computer, which, in
>>>general, translates to s-l-o-w.  In addition, it has the additional
>>>speed overhead required for saving its data in Noah.

>"just a platform to rest the computer on" sounded pretty offensive to folks
>who worked on this project... that is how this all got started.

I wasn't stating that Aurical was nothing more than a platform to rest
the computer on.  I was stating that it is not a docking station, and
the "just a platform..." part was (admittedly poorly) used as
comparison.  If Aurical was *only* a "platform to rest the computer
on" then it would be called a TABLE or a DESK.  When the whole
sentence is read in its entirety, the meaning becomes clear.

And to comment on other statments:

>>Note: I regard this post as providing very important information about >our
>decision to use NOAH!

>But it came from someone with a vested interest in another product... I'm
>sorry but this is a biased comment based on commercial interest.

Does this mean that my knowledge is less important than anyone else's
knowledge just because I a commercially affiliated?  Everyone has some
affiliation.  My expertise happens to be in computer equipment, and I
feel that those less knowledgeable in the area of computers are
entitled to a little clarification.

And then there is this statement:

>I would hope that anyone with good information provide it, but let criticism
>come from non-commerically affliliated persons.  A person with commercial
>interest can provide information as to why they think their product is
>special, but not at the expense of other products.  This of course requires
>analysis by the readers, but that is the price we pay as a newsgroup that
>must refrain from advertising (direct or indirect).

A person with commercial interest providing information as to why they
think their product is special is (nearly) by definition ADVERTISING!
Information that criticizes a product, so long as it doesn't make a
reference to a competing product is NOT advertising, or at least if it
is advertising, it is advertising the product being criticized.


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