digital recorded sentences for speech intelligibility tests

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Fri Jan 12 12:37:32 EST 1996

Ivo Merks (ivo at dutnak3) wrote:
> Hello,

> I'm looking for speech samples which are used in speech intelligibility 
> tests. Does anyone know if there is a CD or CD-ROM with such 
> speech samples. 

> Thanks in advance

> Ivo
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> I.L.D.M. (Ivo) Merks, e-mail: ivo at tel: (31)(0)15-2782021
> Acoustics Group, Department of Applied Physics    home phone:(31)(0)15-2624160 
> Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
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I am not sure of what types of speech tests that you are
reffering to but I know that Speech Tests that are commonly used
by audiologists can be found on CD'd made by a company called
Auditec of St. Louis
It is located in St Louis Missourri USA.
I don't have the phone or address of hand.
Anyone else know it?

Anyone, anyone,

Thank you for your support,
Paul Dybala
dybala at

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