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Sat Jan 13 01:41:14 EST 1996

I received this some time ago and was not sure which way to head with it. If
anyone has any ideas, please pass them along to these folks..


>I am a teacher at Oregon Episcopal School, Portland, Oregon.  I obtained 
>your names and e-mail addresses from an informational BIOSCI post.
>One of my students, Nathan, who is deaf in both ears, is working 
>on a freshman research project on hearing aids. He would like to figure 
>out someway to reduce the problems of moisture in hearing aids. He has 
>done a goodly amount of library and telephone research.  He would like to 
>figure out how to coat a hearing aid with a material (perhaps a polymer) 
>in such a way that the moisture could be reduced. He knows about the 
>Goretex covered aids. He also has to figure out how to cut down on 
>moisture from condensation inside the hearing aid.  He several good 
>Would you know of someone in an audiology dept who would be willing to 
>act as a sounding board for this young man and perhaps offer 
>suggestions?  Nathan has an e-mail address at our school.
>I appreciate any consideration to this request.
>Rosa Hemphill
>hemphill at
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