Need advice on new aids

Howard Moss hmoss at
Mon Jan 15 19:24:21 EST 1996

>How did you locate the 7 people you tried?  For what reasons did you
>reject them?  Were these people audiologists or dispensers?  Have you
>found any kind of support network for hearing-impaired but non-deaf

I found the people just by going through the phone book, there really
wasn't any other choice. I hadn't met any other HOH and didn't really
meet any until people started coming up to me and asking about my aid.
I've talked to almost 5 people now specifically about gettng aids and
general info about them. I rejected some because they always tried to
sell me something even if I only wanted my aid to be repaired. Others
had dumpy offices and just didn't inspire confidence in me. I mean, when 
you go to doctors office, you expect it and the person to look a certain
way with a certain amount of professionalism. Some of these guys looked
like they had just completed the correspondence course... I realize that
I'm not offering specific examples-sorry, it has been awhile since I
chose this latst person. This guy is around my age, has a machine that
measures the sound level between my eardrum and the hearing aid so we
can really see what the aid is putting out, is easy to talk to, and
doesn't give me the hard sell each time I see him. I'm reading on his
card that he IS an audiologist, but tell you the truth I never noticed
that distinction before, so maybe I was setting myself up by going to

In terms of a support network, this newgroup is the closest I've EVER
come to one. I like to provide support to those people that have talked
to me about their losses, but there isn't any formal network out there.
Maybe this is it...?

Howard Moss 
hmoss at
Rohnert Park, CA

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