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>As long as anyone (any profession) is in business to sell a single
>product or service, the prices have to continue to rise to cover expenses
>and income.

David (Hears2U at made some excellent comments. I believe all of us 
were quite "idealistic" when we came out of graduate school with our 
master's degrees. It took me about three years following graduate school to 
get some "realism" pounded into me by the real world!

Back in the 1970's when ASHA felt it was unethical for an audiologist to 
"sell" hearing aids (that was a dirty word then) I used to "chuckle" at 
their agony as they finally agreed to let them "sell" hearing aids as long 
as it was done at "wholesale cost"! I knew something the persons in the 
ivory towers didn't know or understand. Those students back in the 1970's 
that came out of the new "audiology" programs that had sprung up in all 
kinds of universities were actually "human beings" who had been badly 
spoiled before they ever got into the audiology programs. These students had 
lived in nice homes, they had driven nice cars, they were used to wearing 
nice clothing and they were used to a pretty nice lifestyle. If they were 
going to have to take a vow of poverty and sell hearing aids without making 
a "profit," I knew something would have to give.

How much do you believe a good dispensing audiologist should earn? 
Optometrists earn $80,000 - $100,000 annually. Would you want your hearing 
aid doctor (AuD) to be less qualified than your eyeglass doctor (OD)? No 
way! I want my ears to have the very best. (The audiologists on our staff do 
earn this much. But they are good. And they are worth every penny they earn. 
They originally worked in ENT offices where they gained experience and once 
they gained the confidence to know what they were doing, they came with me 
and it has worked real well. I consider our hearing aid clinic a "model 
practice" of the future.)

Paul ;-)

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