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Being a scientist, you are aware of the importance of publishing your
How many times have you heard the expression "publish or perish"?

Our goal at Arenet, Inc. is to improve and speed up the peer-review process,
a critical step in the acceptance of your work for publication.

Did you know that for every manuscript published in a prominent journal, more
than two are returned to authors without review, with just a short note
stating that the manuscript does not meet the journal's criteria for
Sometimes you don't even have chance to get a competent feedback on your

Here's how we work: every manuscript sent to Arenet, Inc., will be reviewed.
You will receive confirmation of receipt along with our opinion about whether
your manuscript could use some rearranging, rewriting, or editing of your
English. Some scientist find it difficult to express their ideas thoroughly
in a foreign language. In such cases, a manuscript may be rejected even
before qualified scientific reviewers read the work. We can help. We will
have a medical editor read and edit your paper for language, flow, and
continuity. After you have seen the edited version, we will send your
manuscript to two experts in your field. They will write full reviews of your
work which we will pass on to you. When you submit the manuscript to a
journal editor for publication, you can also submit these reviews, mention
that you have used our services, and indicate how you feel the manuscript has
been improved, if such is the case. The journal editor will have the option
of using our peer-review. The reviewers will remain anonymous to you, but on
request, we will provide their names to the editor who is considering your
manuscript for publication.

As a part of our service, along with the review you will receive our
suggestions of journals to submit the manuscript to and their addresses.

Arenet, Inc., is here to help you in the critical final stage of your work.
The suggestions of our reviewers can help improve the presentation of your
research and the quality of your manuscript.
We will help make your manuscript highly competitive!

For a price list of our services, please send us:
e-mail: DVidovich at

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