Frequency Range of Hearing (question)

HearWHAC HearWHAC at
Sat Jan 20 13:40:30 EST 1996

In article <30FFE49A.3A51 at>, 
mbtins01 at expresses his concern because at age 
23 he cannot hear a 16 kHz tone...

>My question is this something that I should be concerned
>about?  I know that most people can hear from 20-20kHz.  My cutoff
>appears to be 16kHz.  I am still young and I haven't had any health
>problems.  So...what gives?

Mike, I wonder if you should be seeing an oncology specialist or something? 
You know what they say, "After 20 it's down hill all the way!"

Paul :-)
Do you realize how narrow the band width is between 16kHz and 20kHz! I mean, 
man, you aren't missing a whole lot! (It's not like between 1,600 and 2,000 
Hz.) Wait until you get to be my age (62 almost 63). I'm starting to notice 
the 4kHz tone in the left headphone is beginning to get a bit weak. We've 
got to check out that headphone! <grin>

One more bit of "free" advice! Better quit buying green bananas. You might 
not live long enough for them to ripen! ;-)

Maybe this silliness is because I wish I were 23 again! It is a great age! 
Mike, I hope you enjoy every day of it! And the difference between 16kHz and 
20kHz is so tiny you can't hardly measure it. And there probably are more 
people like you in this world who don't hear it than there are who can hear 
it! We could just call it "old age."

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