HearWHAC HearWHAC at
Sat Jan 20 02:45:41 EST 1996

We now have NOAH up and running on a Pentium notebook computer running 
Windows 95 using the Phonak software. It appears it can be done!

Next, when is 3M going to bring their NOAH software across the pond to the 
US? We sure could use it because we have a lot of 3M users out there!

"One Program Does All" sure makes a lot more sense than "Individual" 
programs and boxes for each company's products! Maybe NOAH will be the 
solution after all! (It's too soon for us to have much of an opinion. We 
just got it up and running. Thanks to everyone who helped!)

Paul Woodard
Des Moines Iowa USA
Don't forget to do your backups! We were transferring all our 3M users from 
one computer to another using their "Extract" and "Import" functions. There 
is a small "bug" in their program that we discovered where by changing the 
default "Drive A" designation to "Drive C," we succeeded in losing all the 
records except those for persons whose names start with "B." 3M was 
surprised to learn of this "bug," but they assured us they will fix it in 
their next software version. I normally am a very very detail-oriented 
nit-picking person - like we do daily backups of our office computer system 
and keep the tapes for long periods of time - but, for some reason, we 
didn't have a backup of our 3M records! They are now permanently lost! We 
now have to get all of our 3M patients in to "read" their instruments to 
restore this information to our files! We are now doing a complete backup 
after every change in the computer and we are keeping the four most recent 
backups in two different locations in the event that something like this 
might happen again. DON'T FORGET TO DO YOUR BACKUPS!

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