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Rogue2 STU_LCBRAZ at
Sat Jan 20 18:29:34 EST 1996

> My concern has always been that recently graduated audiologists sell
> themselves WAY short of what they are worth.  People who accept jobs
> that pay $15k a year are essentially saying that they do not consider
> themselves essential to a practice.  For all the time that is spent
> in the classroom, plus the experience that one obtains, surely one
> must consider themselves worth more than that.

If I have to go to 2+ years of grad school (along with the
extra year I've taken *this* year--after I graduated with
a Psyc. degree--in order to finish my comm. disorders classes),
not to mention a CFY, several written/oral tests, plus 350 
clinical hours of hands-on experience...and the possibility 
of of going *back* to get an AuD (provided I don't get into 
CMU next year--keep your fingers crossed for me!), I sure as 
HELL better be making more than $15k a year!!

Besides, *I'm* worth it! :)

> In that light, I would hope that recent graduates would expect and accept
> only those positions that treat them like trained professionals.
> Jeff

Yeah!  So there...

-Laura at'm.doing.this... :)

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