Frequency Range of Hearing (question)

Michael B. Tinsley mbtins01 at
Mon Jan 22 12:13:29 EST 1996

My news server has not picked up any reply by A.J. Aranyosi.  I would
like to read his comments.  Could either he or you please repost?
Simply email it to me if you like. Thanks.  Mike

HearWHAC wrote:
> Michael B. Tinsley asked an excellent question:
> >My question is this something that I should be concerned
> >about?  I know that most people can hear from 20-20kHz.  My cutoff
> >appears to be 16kHz.
> I want to apologize for being abrupt and unkind in my reply.
> A. J. Aranyosi has made an excellent reply and has provided useful
> information to answer his question. Thank you.
> Fifteen years ago Siemens introduced an ITE hearing aid that had a frequency
> response that went up to 10,000 Hz. I fit maybe six of them and had much
> difficulty trying to control feedback! We had to replace a binaural set a
> year later because we could not stop the feedback.
> Mike's question also brings up the subject of how important is it for a
> hearing aid to amplify signals above 4,000 Hz? Power body aids don't even
> try to amplify the signals much above 2 kHz - because they would create
> feedback problems. And Feedback Reduction Limiting pots cut the highs. Is
> that bad?
> Paul Woodard
> Des Moines Iowa USA

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