Frequency Range of Hearing (question)

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Mon Jan 22 01:43:50 EST 1996

Michael B. Tinsley asked an excellent question:
>My question is this something that I should be concerned
>about?  I know that most people can hear from 20-20kHz.  My cutoff
>appears to be 16kHz.

I want to apologize for being abrupt and unkind in my reply.

A. J. Aranyosi has made an excellent reply and has provided useful 
information to answer his question. Thank you.

Fifteen years ago Siemens introduced an ITE hearing aid that had a frequency 
response that went up to 10,000 Hz. I fit maybe six of them and had much 
difficulty trying to control feedback! We had to replace a binaural set a 
year later because we could not stop the feedback.

Mike's question also brings up the subject of how important is it for a 
hearing aid to amplify signals above 4,000 Hz? Power body aids don't even 
try to amplify the signals much above 2 kHz - because they would create 
feedback problems. And Feedback Reduction Limiting pots cut the highs. Is 
that bad?

Paul Woodard
Des Moines Iowa USA

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