Need advice on new aids

Hears2U hears2u at
Sun Jan 28 03:49:40 EST 1996

>They charge what I believe to be astronomical fees for hearing aids
>because they have to cover their "limited" practice.  
>Hears2U (David)

Several people have used this sentence out of context.  Please read my
whole post several weeks ago to get the meaning behind it.  

I agree with all the associated costs involved that Jeff mentions. 
However, under the context that I was referring to, pricing is often
arrived at by working backwards.  The question is asked, "How much do I
have to sell hearing aids for to make a living".  There is nothing wrong
with this approach for most normal retail product businesses but is that
what Audiologists are??  The hearing aid is only a tool in the
habilitative process.  We need to change our billing methods and public
perception so that the users see it is our services and not the hearing
aid they are paying for.  I know that this is nothing new but it would
also go along ways to raising our professionalism in the medical
 Hears2U (David) 

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