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Michael W. Ridenhour gandalf at
Sun Jan 28 14:21:56 EST 1996

uncaud at (UNCAud) wrote:
> Let's just hope that the people who read this and are in the position to
> hire a CFY will remember this conversation for those of us looking for a
> CFY come May (including myself).
> Jenn Lantz

Apparently, the law of supply and demand does not apply to the world
of the New Age audiologist. Sheesh! Get your heads out of the
socialist clouds promulgated at the universities, and get into
the real world. CFY's should be offered minimum wage, for minimal
skills. That's what the CFY is for, relating book knowledge to
the real world. I will not pay for a seasoned professional until
he/she is certified and checked out.

What a bunch of crybabies.

Michael Ridenhour

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