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Michael W. Ridenhour gandalf at
Sun Jan 28 14:10:47 EST 1996

hmoss at (Howard Moss) wrote:
> This is a hard topic to deal with. Upon moving to Santa Rosa, I started
> my search for the hearing-aid support structure that a user needs. I
> have gone through about 7 different people and have finally settled
> on 1 guy. I don't know what it is about hearing aid "places", but I agree
> that some are barely qualified to be in the field. I find that, sorry to
> say, I don't really trust anyone completely. This guy I have now has shown
> some inkling that he understands his equipment and what it is showing as
> well as has a nice personality. As an electrical engineer, I can separate
> his regurgitation of stock phrases from real knowledge, but it is sad for
> me to realize that I have to be on my guard all the time. And how about
> others? Sheesh, 2 people I know have asked about hearing aids for their
> mother & wife and then come to me wondering if $2400 PER AID is a reasonable
> price! Gosh, what are these dispensers DOING!? Of course, I can see that
> they are trying to sell their top-of-the-line aid and unsuspecting people
> WILL buy them, not knowing that a reasonable bte can cost <$400. That just
> gets my blood boiling, AND sours the industry for me... Sorry, but I can't
> HELP but see the industry as a fly-by-night operation that anyone with a 
> SASE can get in with.
> How can I change that perspective??? (I don't LIKE feeling that way)...
> --
> Howard Moss 
> hmoss at
> Rohnert Park, CA
Maybe your problem is your condescending attitude, Howard. I have
known a few "electrical engineers" who charge what I consider an
outrageous fee for their services, too. If you don't like
one guy's prices, go elsewhere. Just don't diss the entire
profession because your sense of value differs from
someone else's. I always refer out people like you, having
found them to be more trouble than I am willing to spend
time on. Trust goes both ways, pal.

Michael Ridenhour

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