High Frequency Audiometry

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Tue Jan 30 21:14:31 EST 1996

wardzal9 at mailw.starnetinc.com (Thomas Wardzala) wrote:

>As for equipment.......Virtual puts out an audiometer that goes into the
>high-Hz's.  Koss also puts out a system.  All the earphones are
>circumaural, so that adds another problem in calibration....What coupler
>do we use (?).....

>>mmoore at prysm.net (Mark Moore) wrote:
>>I am familiar with two high frequency audiometers.

>>The Beltone 2000 has output to 20 Khz.  The unit also allows for use
>>of intermediate frequencies at all hz so you can get a threshold at

>>In addition, Monitor Instruments makes a portable high frequency
>>audiometer.  This unit starts at 8KHz and goes up.  It is small enough
>>to be taken to bedside and can therefore be very practical for those
>>who wish to detect early onset of ototoxicity.
>>In addition, I have heard that there is some research that some
>>newborns have upper limits to 22Khz, but I don't remember the journal
>>Mark Moore
>>Audiometrics, Inc.
>>Shreveport, LA

anybody have an adress or a phone number for virtual.  thanks.

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