Concerts and Fireworks

Sally M. Whitson swhitson at OMNIFEST.UWM.EDU
Fri Jun 7 08:02:08 EST 1996

With the summer season upon us more people will be attending concerts and
firework displays.  One of our local TV stations has asked me to do a live
news interview to discuss the potential noise hazards and protective
strategies needed when attending concerts and firework displays.  I feel
comfortable with my level of expertise about concerts, TTS, PTS, and ear
protection, but I would greatly benefit from information about the sound
levels etc of firework displays.  My current thought is that firework displays
are of low risk because participants are usually seated at a distance from the
sound source.  If anyone has more specific info it will be helpful.  Thanks.

Sally Whitson, M.S., CCC/A
Director of Hearing Services
Milwaukee Medical Clinic
Milwaukee, WI

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