Speech in Noise

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In article <Edina1996Jun4.093328.12973 at news3.compulink.com>, lockmar at idirect.com says...
>Can anyone recommend a journal/ book /particularly instructive 
>article dealing with issues of enhancing intelligibility of 
>speech in the presence of noise. For example problems associated
>with aircrew speech recording on a flightdeck/cockpit or heavy
>equipment (earth movers/mining macinery) operators 
>Thanks, Tony Orton, Lockheed Martin Canada.


As someone who has "trudged" through this material in the
past, I would recommend doing a Medline search with "speech"
and "noise" as keywords.  Be sure to include pre-1960's work
done by the USAF.  Some of the findings may be hard to find.

I will send you a reference listing via private email.

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