Digital stories

Mary S. Grandin occam at
Thu Jun 13 22:18:57 EST 1996

In article <31BECB0E.7D99 at>, Higgins at DEDOT.COM says...
>Anyone have any success or failure stories on the digital's...Anyone 
>using both DigiFocus and Senso?...Would love some input...Will demo some 
>DigiFocus this week...GG

I have fit several dozen Multifocuses (foci?) with tremendous success. The 
only return I had was from a young woman who never even tried it on. She 
thought it was too big, and that she didn't think it was fair for me to 
charge for my time. It seems one of the Clinic audiologists here locally 
informed her that I, as a private practitioner, must have ulterior motives 
for charging a fitting & orientation fee. Of course, with the mandatory 
Doc visit, the mandatory complete audio with reflex tests, tymps, etc. 
there was no ulterior motive for the clinical gal. After all, she is 
pristine pure and only wants to help people. We private guys are merely 
evil capitalists who prey on the elderly. Also, they sell Resound.

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