Ph.D. questions

G. M. Alf gmalf19 at
Sat Jun 15 09:41:25 EST 1996

>become the 3rd largest college in Iowa. She told of their students who 
>obtain 2 years training in computer automotive mechanics now earning from 
>$50,000 to $70,000 within five years after college and can start out at 
>$100,000 a year in California. (Apparently 80% of the car's functions are 
>now controlled by computers whereas in 1990, it was less than 30%.) She also 
>claimed their air conditioning technician graduates earn from $50,000 on up. 
>She says it costs less than half as much to attend the Community College and 
>their graduates often earn more than those graduating from expensive 
>Moral (my usual soapbox, you've heard it here before), if you want the 
>hearing impaired to have excellent audiologists helping them - you are going 
>to have to 1) pay EXCELLENT salaries (i.e., comparable to other 
>professionals such as optometrists, etc.) to dispensing audiologists and 2) 
>upgrade all educational programs to the point they are "OUTSTANDING."

Isn't it the demand of a product or service, at least in a free market
economy, that drives prices up?  We can pay a dispensing audiologist
an excellent salary and supply him/her with all the tools of the trade
but without the demand of his/her service it does little good.
Importance of good hearing still isn't up there as compared to the
need to get one's automobile repaired.


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