Sudden Hearing Loss

KFELGS kfelgs at
Mon Jun 17 20:12:40 EST 1996

I am searching for feedback in reference to the following case history:

About four years ago a patient underwent ear surgery
(mastoid/tympanoplasty) and approx. six weeks later developed a sudden
loss of hearing in the OPPOSITE EAR with roaring tinnitus but no
dizziness.  Prior to surgery this patient had a mild high frequency loss
in the non-operated ear.  Initially, testing showed a moderate to severe
low frequency loss with fair discrimination.  The loss has continued to
fluctuate.  The patient had been placed on steroid treatment.  Over the
past year and a half the loss has progressed to a severe flat loss with
poor discrimination and reduced dynamic range.  The tinnitus has increased
in severity and is almost constant, however the "location" of the tinnitus
(at the ear or around the head) changes.  The patient's current BTE aid
has a compression circuit, but the patient is willing to try a new
programable aid to see if it helps.  Recently the patient has experienced
severe dizziness and nausea.  The ear that was operated on initially shows
a moderate mixed loss with a TM perforation.  Occasionally the patient
will wear an aid on this side, however the ear canal is extremely narrow
and the earmold causes discomfort.  The patient had an MRI study four
years ago that was normal. 


1) Has anyone had experience with a similiar case?  Is it possible that
surgery on one ear can affect the hearing in the other ear?

2) If this patient has Menieres, is there any definitive test other than
the triad of symptoms including tinnitus, fluctuating loss and vertigo
used for diagnosis?  Does anyone know about glycerol testing?

3) Does anyone have information on cases of autoimmune hearing loss?  

4) Can anyone suggest other forums to present this case for professional
opinions or where I can access information specific to this case.  Are
there any ENT consult or organization that would direct me to journals

5)Side note.  This patient has reported dizziness following experiences
with large noisy settings.  What is the tullio effect?  

6) Looking for cases with hearing loss following spinal manipulation?


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