Wanted Study Subjects

Kap Perrin, PhD, RN kperrin at koop.coph.usf.edu
Thu Jun 20 10:56:29 EST 1996

I am interested in contacting women who gave birth prior to their 20 th 
birthday and then went on to complete their PhD in any field. This study 
is funded by the March of Dimes to research the variables involved in 
successful women who were pregnant as adolescent who obtained their PhD. 
If you or someone you know fits the criteria for this study, please 
contact me at kperrin at koop.coph.usf.edu
I will send you by U.S.mail a packet containing an audiotape and a few 
questins in which to guide you in recording your life story. This study 
is completely anonymous, since there are no identifying marks on the 
return envelope or audiotape. I am only interested in collecting stories.

Thank you for your response.

Kay Perrin, PhD, RN
University of South Florida
College of Public Health
Department of Community and Family Health
1321 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. MDC-56
Tampa, FL 33612
813 974 6704
FAX 813 974 5172

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