Can you talk without a tongue?

David G. Delage dgdelge at
Thu Jun 27 22:17:37 EST 1996

	I am going to have to say that you could speak without a tongue.
There are plenty of different sounds a person can make without using
his/her tongue to shape them.  The lips and teeth also provide a means
of shaping the sound.
	Also, you could use different pitches to indicate different sounds.
This is done in Thai, where there are five different pitches, high,
mid, low, rising and falling.  In fact, there is a Thai phrase that,
in English, sounds like "mai mai mai mai mai", but the translation is
"New wood doesn't burn, does it?".  Each type of pitch is used once in
the sentence.
	All right, so maybe conversation without a tongue would be
difficult--I know I wouldn't want to do it.  But I believe it is


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