Prospective student seeks advice

mleland at mleland at
Sat Mar 2 15:26:01 EST 1996

  I'm about to make a career change and go back to school for a degree in 
either speech pathology or audiology.  They're both very interesting 
fields to me, and I'm curious whether many / any people get a degree in 
both?  I've been a few schools that give you the option of staying on for 
a year after you finish one to get a masters in the other.  Anyone like 
this out there?  Are there benefits, or is there more than enough to do 
in one field that there's  no  reason to pursue both?
  Feel free to e-mail me if you can help with this.  I'm hoping to start 
a year of undergrad prerequisites this fall, and apply to a masters 
program next spring.


Michael Leland
Arlington VA

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