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Mon Mar 4 04:35:56 EST 1996

I am certificated in both Audiology and Speech/Langauage Pathology.

The three systems are very interconnected: speech-language-hearing; in many ways 
inseparable.  I think you have to ask yourself why would you want to study both to 
the point of being fully qualified in both?  For me it was an 
academic/theoretical and clinical model I had in mind in my early days in this 
profession.  I was interested in what we called in those days "organic" disorders of 
 speech and language.  I was also quite interested in stuttering and it's possible 
links to the auditory system.  That was me.  What do you want?  What do you want to 
do?  If someone had asked me that question when I was starting out (just prior to 
master's degree) I would have had a very different answer than now.  Nevertheless, 
one thing has led to another.  There are always threads and interconnections in 
everyone's careers whether they are specialized or diverse.

Your answers to the questions (above) may lead you to a decision.  Then again, must 
you decide NOW?  How about getting started in one, concentrate on it and as you 
progress, then re-evaluate your interests, all along leaving your options open to 
becoming qualified in the other as well if that becomes or remains you desire.

If your motivation is purely financial.  I do have more specific advice.  SELECT 
WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO.  Do your damndest to do your best, keep up with your field and 
serve people with kindness, courtesy and be a good listener and be efficient.  Take 
on if you don't already model it an attitude of "the customer is always right", keep 
a healthy sense of humor and all the rest that goes along with superb service, 
including always trying to improve....  THUS, BEING QUALIFIED IN SEVERAL FIELDS IS 
NOT THE KEY TO FINANCIAL SUCCESS.  I am reminded of a poster I saw in a bar 
when I was in undergraduate school: "Blossom where you are".

If you are interested in how many folks are both auds and sp/lang paths start with 
your state speech-lang-hearing assoc or state licensing board.  Worst case is you 
will have to count from their directories.  You can also contact ASHA and inquire.  
The information will be available in one of the surveys done by ASHA on employment 
and salary ranges.

All the best in YOUR decision-making.

Art Mines
now living in Whangarei, New Zealand
originally from the USA

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