Laboratory Equipment Suggestions?

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Fri Mar 8 02:35:54 EST 1996

I am a perceptual psychologist just finishing my Ph.D with a
specialization in auditory perception.  I have recently accepted a
faculty position and have been given about $10,000 to equip my

I am looking for suggestions as to the best way to equip my lab.  My
research interests are in the perception of sound sources in motion,
auditory localization, dynamic frequency and amplitude modulation and
3-D virtual auditory displays.  

Are there any pieces of hardware/software that you find particularly
indispensible?  The lab I currently work in has very little equipment.
I am using a synthesizer with a MIDI interface to present stimuli and
collect data.  

Even the most basic suggestions would be welcomed.  I currently have
about $5,000 earmarked for computers but this is flexible.  


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