OAEs and no ABRs

UNCAud uncaud at aol.com
Fri Mar 15 15:08:43 EST 1996

Michael Gorga stated elegantly what I was going to attempt to say. At one
of my practicum placements, we had a child who also had OAEs and a
possible ABR response at 90 dB nHL in both ears. After much discussion
amongst our group, consulting research, and speaking with other
professionals we too decided to hold off on amplifying the child until the
child's behavioral responses could be assessed. As MG pointed out, there
are pros and cons to each side. I feel better in our decision now in
knowing that we are not alone in this dilemna. Hopefully, one day this
sort of decision will not be as difficult.

Jennifer Lantz
BA Univ. of MD Dec 93
MS UNC-CH May 96
CFY ????

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