Mid range audio loss

JOE KLIMBERG pimajoe at gnn.com
Fri Mar 15 11:02:03 EST 1996

I would appreciate information on conversation-range hearing 

    1.  Is this always/ever a congenital problem  i.e., 
occurring at birth?  Can such a loss not be detected until 
middle-age perhaps induced by work conditions involving stress? 
Is it known to be progressive?

    2.  If not a congenital or genetic problem, can this be 
induced by allergies?

    3.  Would daily use of a drug, such as digitalis produce 
this effect?

I realize this lacks precision, but the information available 
(audiogram test results) have been characterized as an 
"atypical configuration", and the speculation is offered that 
it was not noticed before a "taxing listening situation" 

If you can refer me to an information resource, it would be 

	Please respond to  pimajoe at gnn.com

Thank you.

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