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I am a physician consulting to a manufacturer of hearing aids. My client is
committed to providing audiologists with any and all resources that they
need to manage their business and relationships with child patients (and
their families). Any insights into the following questions are most
appreciated. When answering, assume that money isn't an obstacle (e.g.,
don't limit your suggestions because you think they'd cost too much). You
might view this as a chance to make sure that someone who can actually do
something to help you listens to what you want.
1) What are the biggest challenges in fitting children?  What would make
fitting children easier?
2) What are the biggest barriers to compliance in children? How do you deal
with them?
3) How involved are parents in the fitting process?
4) Are there things that you could really use (but don't have access to)
that would help you manage your relationship with parents, as well as the
parents' relationship with their child (as it relates to the care and use
of the hearing aid)?  For example, how much education does a parent get
about how to care for, or trouble shoot problems with, the aids?

This company is truly committed to making children's experiences with
hearing aids as good as they can possibly be.  They believe the only way
that can happen is if they spend their money appropriately.  Since
audiologists are the "gatekeepers" to this market, it only makes sense to
learn from their experiences, and not reinvent the wheel.  Any additional
comments or suggestions are much appreciated.

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