CEUs & Virtual campuses

Alan Sias arsias at cyberport.net
Fri Mar 22 13:11:27 EST 1996

I am currently practicing in NW Montana where I moved by choice, knowing 
full well that certain things would be difficult.  One of those things 
would be the keeping current in the issues facing our profession and our 
educations.  I have often thought that we SHOULD NOT have a problem with 
this due to the *information superhighway* and groups such as this.  As 
a result I subscribe here and am always on the lookout for further 

However, I believe (if I am wrong please, PLEASE tell me nicely) that we 
are missing the boat.  At the risk of starting another round of 
arguments regarding the AUD, where is the virtual campus for audiology? 
 There are said campuses out there.  I know of only one opportunity to 
receive CEU's over the internet.  WHY?

Is it a question of money?  I can't believe that.  I know of too many 
individuals that can't afford to quit working to go back to school for 
2-6 weeks or more.

Is it a question of individuals with the technological background?  This 
is slightly more believable, but not wholly.  After all, I am writing 
this message in this newsgroup....

Is it a question of population?  This is even more believable.  I have 
made it a point of asking anybody that I come into contact with if they 
know about this group as well as other resources over the internet.  I 
am usually discouraged.  Pump it up, people!  Advertise!!

I will get down off of my soap box now.  I just want more.  I would like 
the ability to take a class at UWW, UWStL, UW, etc... once in a while.  
I would even like to participate in research every so often (but don't 
tell my wife).

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Alan Sias
The Hearing Clinic of Kalispell
Kalispell, Montana
arsias at cyberport.net

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