ergonomic studies of the ear canal

Shelley Duncan shellrd at
Fri Mar 22 16:42:50 EST 1996

There was a doctoral student at Purdue that did her dissertation on the 
effect of jaw position on the shape of the ear canal.  I don't have all 
the details, but I think basically what she did was to take deep canal 
impressions on subjects with varying sizes of bite blocks in the 
subjects' mouth and compared the changes between and across ear 
impressions (dimensions and such).  I don't know if this is what you are 
looking for, but I can try to get you more information if you would like 
(I think you may be able to obtain a copy through the university, but I 
am not absolutely certain).  Hope this helps!
						Best of luck,
						Shelley Duncan
						shellrd at

> David G. Delage (dgdelage at wrote:
> > Has anyone done any studies on shape/layout of ear canals?  Most
> > importantly, I am interested in knowing the average angles into the
> > head and up or down.
> > If anyone can point me to a paper or study, or if anyone has the
> > answer, I would greatly appreciate it.
> > Thanks,
> > Dave

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