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Sam Henderson shender at
Sun Mar 24 12:54:07 EST 1996


   I hope this is the right place for this.

   My mother has worn a hearing aid since she was in her teens (she is now
75), and lately she has had a lot of trouble with her new unit. I
unfortunately don't know what type of hearing loss she has or what type of
hearing aid she uses. I can easily find out though. When she has
difficulty with her hearing aid, she becomes very upset, as she did this
morning when I spoke to her on the phone. This prompted me to investigate
this matter a little more carefully, and I hope I can use the experiences,
and knowledge of people on the net to help me out. So anyone who could
help me out I would be very grateful. So, here are my questions.

-Do hearing aids really need to cost in excess of $800? I find it hard to
believe that the technology of hearing aid is that expensive. After having
gone to the hearing aid place with my mother, I am under the impression
that it is pretty much a medical scam that takes advantage of vunerable
people. Please set me straight on this.

-What is the best hearing aid to get in terms of quality and reliability.
I don't care what the price is, as long as it is a quality product. I'll
give her the money.

-Is there a better place to go to get a hearing aid? My mom lives in NY,
about 70 miles north of NYC. 

-Any information on this subject would be helpful. I plan on reading this
group more, but email is a surer way to get my attention. 

Thanks in advance,
Sam Henderson
Shender at

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