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>It always fascinates me that the people who want "cheap" hearing aids 
>frequently do drive very nice, expensive cars. We each have different 
>"value" systems.

I could not agree more with this.  Each patient has his or her own value
on hearing.  I think it is important to talk with your patient concerning
thier lifestyle before suggesting any type of device.  Once you have assessed
the value of better hearing for the individual (and family), one can then
narrow down one type of device or another.  If better hearing has a high
priority with a patient, he or she will consider a programmable instrument
over a simple linear aid.  If all they want to do is hear better in limited
situations, then a simple compression aid may be suitable.  The MD I work
with is often puzzled about the time I spend with patients aside from working
on their ears.  I need to show him that this extra time means less returns in
the end.

BTW, there have been several times where a patient has become shocked with the
price of any device and simply wants to think about it.  I once finished up
with a couple who thought this and I happened to follow them out to the parking
garage at lunch.  Sure enough, they hoped into their new Cadillac and drove away.

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