Temporary and fluctuating sensori-neural deafness.

Gianni Radicchi g.radicchi at agora.stm.it
Fri Mar 29 20:39:00 EST 1996

Dear Colleague, 
i describe you a clinic case of the daughter of a friend of mine.
Temporary and fluctuating sensori-neural deafness.
Any case is reported in Italy.
L.Q.,female child, 9 years old,Italian.
Father and paternal uncle suffering migraine.
No family history for deafness.
Born  by spontaneus delivery at term;breast and artificial feeding;usual
postnatal growth.
Regular speech,deambulation and teething.
Varicella at 3 years old.
Mumps at 7 years old.
Normal psycho-physical growth .
Since 3 years old she  presented some critical deafness events,usually
during fever.These events persisted from minimun six hours until maximum two
or three days,every two-three months during a year and deafness was such
deep as more fever was hight so that if fever was low also deafness was modest.
Deafness persists during fever and  when fever falls it deseappear without
any specific therapy;hearing become normal only after night-sleeping.With
deafness  acufeni appear.
Without feaver deafness is possible but rare, in this case it  is low as
intensity  and duration.
The audiometry made during the crisis showed deep sensori-neural bilateral
deafness with normal impedance.
Out of crisis the audiometry shows slight sensori-neural bilateral deafness
more evident on the left side(medium-high frequency).
A TAC and a RMN of internal ear ,made out of the crises , were negatives.
A  child neuropsychiatrist examination at the age of six year, was  negative.
EEG out of crisis, showed an irregular, medium, asymmetrical,reagent, basal
rythm 9-10 cycles per second. Electrical spikes activity, without an exact
localization , sometimes appear.
Hyperpnea shows slow activation of high voltage with some spikes; also some
rare figurations  of slow, asynchrounous ant. and  post. spikes are evidented.
Actually  audiometry , out of crisis, is unchanged rispect  the first

Hoping  in a your kind replay, I thank you in advantage and I send you my
best regards.
Dott.Giovanni Radicchi
Family and pediatry doctor
Via Pupinia 15
00133 Rome (Italy)

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