Problems with earmolds

higgins at DEDOT.COM higgins at DEDOT.COM
Fri May 31 09:03:12 EST 1996

Your problem is all to familiar...
We see many patients who have the same problems you do...You don't say
what your loss is, but my guess is severe to profound...The Emtech
Patriot is a good choice although not everyone has been happy with the
results...Although all have said they heard better with it as the mold
has some acoustical benefits...Emtech as well as Westone and many
others also have softer materials which might help...You mention your
Dispenser does not want to go to a soft material...Have you had
problems with infections?...Or have all your problems been due to
pressure?...Depending on your loss Emtech also has a MCT mold (minimum
contact technology) which has solved some problems for us although if
your loss is to great it will feedback...I'd ask your dispenser if
they would contact a lab and possible work with both of you to find a
solution...This might give you the opportunity to try different
options if the first doesn't work...One last option which we've used
in the past...Have your Dispenser make you a temp mold...A mold like
Insta-Mold or Eargear from Westone...These don't last but 6-12 months
but sometimes offer an instant solution...Also if not done well can be
quite ugly...Well good luck and don't give up...GG
Life is precious...Enjoy the adventure...GG

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