Help: noise in EEG collection

Mun-Wai Hon mh2s at watt.seas.Virginia.EDU
Sat Nov 23 21:17:46 EST 1996

Electrical noise suddenly appeared in our Neuroscan EEG collection
system.  We can perform quick calibration tests that do not
show the distortion.  Yet, when we attempt to test a subject,
we obtain electrical noise that distorts the EEG completely.
Could this be an amplifier problem?  The booths are only a year
old and we have been able to collect good data a month ago.

If anyone has any
experience in eliminating such noise, we would appreciate any
suggestions.  Please email me at : mh2s at

	Thanks to all.

Mun-Wai Hon
UVA Electrophysiology

Mun-Wai Hon				UVA Electrophysiology Lab

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