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 October 1, 1996
 Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA

 Official Press Release From Neutronics Technologies Corporation:
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 Neutronics Technologies Corporation  announces
 the completion of the world's first room temperature, cold dynamic
 system, QUANTUM computer without decoherence.  The device functions
 with single state bits making up variable QUBYTES.
 The result has been Little Ricci; Real Independently Controlled
 Computational Intelligence.  Little Ricci is an intelligent robotic
 device the company calls a 'noid', and is non-programmed, non radio
 controlled, non digital and autonomous. The device consists of
 visual (non video) inputs, two parallel processors further
 paralleled by threes, in a self controlled  mobile platform.
 The Neutronics Dynamic System is a new electromotive protocol using
 a non- magnetic field quantum intelligent system that functions from
 a 9 Volt battery.  Additional power supplies are present for motor
 and conversion functions. 
 The company expects to begin licensing this technology by year's
 A brief overview:
 Quantum computation has settled into the binary mentality of
 particle states thereby ignoring the wave functions of quantum
 duality. The Neutronics Dynamic System is the only true Quantum
 computational process as it uses both wave and particle functions
 and accomplishes a replacement for digital computing with massive
 increases in processing potentials.
 The Neutronics Dynamic System does not use standard electronics to
 accomplish its functions.  A neutral chamber functioning in the
 opposite wave of direct current allows the system to function at a
 quantum level in room temperature without decoherence.
 The design architecture incorporates a structure 
 which is intelligence yet Not artificial intelligence. It
 is what the company claims to be :Intelligence in an 
 Artificial Environment.
 NTC is in the process of entertaining overtures from potential
 investors seeking to capitalize on the technology.  The company has
 not determined the final location of its laboratory and world
 headquarters.  A short list of potential sites has been developed
 and includes Roanoke, Virginia; Allentown, Pennsylvania and other
 sites in the United States as well as Birmingham, England.
 Information on specifics of the search process is available at the
 company Location Search page on the internet.
 Neutronics Technologies Corporation is also announcing the formation
 of a project to put this technology to its first commercial use in
 project TAWS: The Tornado Advanced Warning System, a ground based,
 locally controlled early warning system for severe weather
 conditions. The company is considering numerous sites for the first
 field trial of the TAWS operating system.
 Video footage of little Ricci and project TAWS in .avi format as
 well as descriptive and supportive materials on the operation of
 Neutronics Quantum Qubytes is available on the world wide web at
 http://www.aston.ac.uk/~abswww/Neutronics/    Important papers
 include Understanding The Quantum 5th Generation Processing System,
 On The Ramifications Of The Replication Of Intelligence  and
 Correlational Opponent Processing.
 For additional information and interview prospects contact:: Gerald
 Baton, President at batong at aston.ac.uk or refer to the CONTACT page
 on the world wide web for telephone or direct mail correspondence to
 Neutronics Technologies Corporation PO Box 3127 Fort Smith, Arkansas, 
 72913 USA.

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