tinnitus and earache

Steve C steve927 at ix.netcom.com
Fri Sep 13 20:43:31 EST 1996

The last two nights I had the sensation that someone had boxed my ears
[slapped them] in that they pyhsically hurt. This is not uncommon for me
to experience.

I just went to the local ENT who has experience with tinnitus at the
University of Pittsburg. I told her of this, but said she didn't see how
it would be related to my tinnitus. Then I asked about the recruitment
I have in my left ear being responsible and she said she doubted that,
particularly since the sensation was the same for both ears, and only
one has recruitment.

Last night's discomfort was accompanied by a slight plugged up feeling
in the left ear with an earache, but no dizzyness. This morning I still
had the earache part so I went to the ENT.

She said she couldn't find anything that would be giving me the earache
as my ears looked beautiful. She said she was going to be upfront with
me and tell me that she just didn't have an answer. 

Has anyone else ever experienced either of these, and if so, was any
suggestion made as to why they were occurring?


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