Starkey Hearing Aids

Sandra and Dan Hobson danhobson at
Sun Sep 15 13:04:51 EST 1996

I am an audiologist with a severe hearing loss and wear Starkey Sequel
CIC's and have to say I take offense that your opinion of CIC usage is just
vanity... I have worn hearing aids for 30+ years going from the BTE
monaural theory to binaural BTE's to ITE's  with only Starkey willing to
push the envelop in fitting me with the ITE technology when it came out in
the 70's.  I reported at that time improvement in perceiving sound and
response though all my peers poo-poo'd that I could be adequately hearing
with an ITE instead of a BTE; research has proven the increased "real time"
and spatial perception for hearing as we move the microphone and speaker
closer to the eardrum and take advantage of the funnel effect and natural
physics of the ear as it was originally designed.  I have now been wearing
CIC's for 2 years and shudder whenever I have to go back to my ITE's.  The
comfort when fitted properly, the clarity of the high frquencies for
understanding speech sounds, reduced feedback, and the freedom to use most
phones has been a blessing that I hope I never have to lose again.  There
are pros and cons to any hearing aid and the person has to decide what
lifetstyle needs they want met and what their pocketbook can afford. When I
fit CIC technology ...vanity is a very small role in the fitting process! 

Sandra Hobson, M.A.,CCC-Audiologist
1993 National DiCarlo Award ASHF

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