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Jeffrey G. Sirianni sirianni at UTS.CC.UTEXAS.EDU
Tue Sep 24 00:20:19 EST 1996

Susan Moore <smoore at> writes:

>RE: tinnitus onset following head/neck surgury--
>what about damage to the OHCs caused by extensive skull vibrations
>during the drilling that frequently accompanies such operations?
>I think that tinnitus surely could be created as a by product of damage
>to the cochlea from the vibrations of the drilling anywhere in the skull...
>the closer to the cochlea the more possibility of damage.  I have not
>done a lit search myself on this idea.  Has anyone else?  It might be
>interesting to measure otoacoustic emissions before and after skull
>surgury to see if there are any changes (i.e. damage) that could also
>explain an onset of tinnitus after the surgury.

I had this idea just prior to having oral surgery back in 1993.  I thought of
measuring audiometric thresholds before and after surgery, looking for
a possible TTS.

When I got out of surgery, I was in NO condition to even talk to anyone,
less have someone do a hearing test on me.


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