Hearing aids & stethescopes

c.zelnick 104247.2050 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Sep 24 16:26:52 EST 1996

Hello, I'm a physician who is just being fit with BTE Resounds for hi frequency 
hearing loss.  I am having a devil of a time getting them to work with my
stethescope- I can't get the stethescope tips to stay or seal into the vents
of the earmolds.  Needless to say, it is a major pain to have to take out the
aid to do stethoscopy, then put them back in again- so much so, it is making
me rethink these things!
Does anyone have any advice for me about how to use the stethescope with a behind the ear aid?  Thanks in advance.
C. Zelnick in Iowa/.

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